Who is RubyStar?

The RubyStar Way

The RubyStar Way is very straight-forward. One of us will come and meet you, listen to you and ask you lots of questions about what you want to acheive. Then, if we think we can help you,  we will go away, and send you through a brief proposal which explains what we could do, and gives you a few options to choose from.

We’ll suggest which Associate would be best to lead your project and which other Associates will be involved. We’ll tell you the prices and what you’ll get for your money. Then, we will work with you to refine the proposal till you are happy that its right for you.

Then we work alongside you, keep you informed, keep listening and deliver really high quality results. Most of our work comes from referals so we want you to be so delighted that you’ll recommend us to others.

Our Associates are all trained in our methodology and our techniques, but each of us has different skills and experience. We work together to make sure you get the very best mix of talent.

Some of our Associates have their own successful businesses, some work just for us. Whatever we do outside our RubyStar roles you can be confident that the people working on your project will be the people we’ve promised you. But we aren’t just a glorified recruitment agency. All of our associates know each other, work together frequently, and train together. We also use our skills and talents in each other’s businesses. It works for us, it works for our clients, and we’re sure it can work for you.


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