10 Things Your Probably Did Better During Social Distancing: 3 – Listening

During the Covid19 Lockdown businesses have all had to change and adapt to accommodate social distancing. It has been a stressful and distressing time. People have been under enormous pressure, and things which we previously took for granted suddenly had to stop completely. As the lockdown eased many of the businesses we work with are starting to look at how to return to a new normal. This is a great time to reflect, and before you revert back to exactly how you used to work, there are some things which many business leaders may have done BETTER during lockdown.

This short blog series aims to get you thinking about what social distancing adaptations you might want to keep for the longer term. Some of these may be things which you were great at before, but some might be changes that you’ve noticed, and which you want to take action to preserve.


3. Listening

There are many downsides to remote meetings using video conferencing. However, they definitely have one huge advantage… they are designed to encourage actual listening. Online meeting etiquette demands that people remain on mute and often, that they need to indicate when they want to talk. Furthermore, if people try and talk over each other none of them are heard. This enforced turn-taking encourages contribution, listening and considered responses. Lots of the businesses we work with are opting to keep some meetings remote because the discussions have been more productive, have resulted in better negotiation and compromise, and even reduced disagreement.

Are there things which you should continue to do using remote tech?



When change is forced upon us, it can be hard to separate the positive from the negative and the necessary. It can be useful to take a moment and work out whether you have made changes which were necessary, but which should now be kept even when the initial impetus has gone.

What lockdown behaviours are you going to keep?


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