7 things that might be a waste of money in your small business – 2


OK, so the title of this blog series is a little click-baity, but we meet a lot of small businesses who are spending a lot of money on things without really working out whether they need them, whether they will benefit from them, or how they fit with their strategy. Everything which we’ll cover in this series is right for some businesses, but all are significant commitments which should warrant significant consideration.


Coaching and mentoring

One-to-one support from a coach or mentor can be valuable to a business, but much like the other paid for support we’ve written about <link> it may be available for free. Even where it is not, there is strong evidence that good peer-to-peer support can be just as effective, and is usually something you can arrange for free. Why not get together with a few other business owners on a regular basis, you can share ideas, and support each other.


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