7 things that might be a waste of money in your small business – 1


OK, so the title of this blog series is a little click-baity, but we meet a lot of small businesses who are spending a lot of money on things without really working out whether they need them, whether they will benefit from them, or how they fit with their strategy. Everything which we’ll cover in this series is right for some businesses, but all are significant commitments which should warrant significant consideration.


Paid-for support

As a business which makes money through supporting SMEs this one is a little odd, but I’ll say it anyway… before you pay for support or training check out what is available for free in your area. We provide a lot of our training on behalf of Funders, Local Authorities, Investors and Universities. Often this means that the training is completely free to the businesses participating. The range, quality and quantity of free support available to businesses varies throughout the country, but you should always check what you are entitled to, and where there are a range of options, ask to speak to previous participants to get an idea of how the course or programme met their needs.


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