Action Learning 5

We are big fans of peer-to-peer action learning – it can be a brilliant low-cost way to create a powerful network and a valuable source of ideas and support. Many of the challenges which you face as a leader or entrepreneur won’t require external consultancy or training, you can work through them with your peers, drawing on their experience and benefitting from a structured approach to exploration and questioning. In this series of blogs we’ve produced a mini guide to help you plan and run your own peer-to-peer action learning set.


5. In the ideas phase there is a chance to offer some solutions – although bear in mind that this may not be the most useful way to use the time – it is often more useful to signpost or suggest priorities than to just make suggestions. Be especially careful how you phrase your contributions in this phase, bear in mind that there may still be information which you don’t have, and be respectiful in your contributions. After this phase the presenter can give their initial feedback – remembering to say Thank you and being careful not to reject or rule out any suggestions until they have had a chance to fully reflect on them all. Sometimes the longer you reflect on a session the more useful the ideas will become!


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