All roads to improvement start at insight

This article in Marketing Week has given us food for thought this week: OK, so its hardly big news that we should seek honest and regular feedback from our customers. But how many of us actually do? We’ve been working a lot with the wonderful team at DallasMatthews recently, who specialise in relationship marketing. Check out their site here: One of their most sucessful products helps clients to collect and act on feedback from all customers.

In the business world there is always much debate about the importance of customer feedback, Henry Ford is often quoted for pointing out that if he had asked his customers what they wanted they would have said Faster Horses. But like any data, collecting it is not enough, and nor is blindly acting on it. We can only assume that faced with the feedback , Ford would have been able to distill this information and conclude that customers were likely to be pretty pleased with any method of transport which duplicated the convenience of horses, but increased the speed. Then again, in an age where we are seeking to reduce our environmental impact, maybe there is something to be said for Faster Horses.

We digress! The point we’d like to make is, that without a process to regularly collect, record and analyse customer feedback, you might be missing a vital piece of information about where demand for your service lies in future.

  1. Al Elliott Reply

    Naturally, we agree. We saw an article ( that talked about just this but, quite rightly, suggests that you need to collect feedback over mutiple platforms, like Twitter, Facebook & mail as well as email.

    However the real key to feedback is using it to encourage change. If the results don’t shape your sales & marketing strategy then your customer feedback programme is simply chrome for you annual shareholders report.

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