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We love entrepreneurs. We love working with them, supporting them, we love being them! But. It’s not for everyone, and there are good reasons and bad reasons to start a business or become self employed. Unfortunately there are some common misconceptions about entrepreneurship that we wanted to highlight. This is blog 1 in a series of 7 blogs about bad reasons to start a business.


“I’d like a better work/life balance”


Whilst working for yourself can result in a better work life balance, the reality for most entrepreneurs at start up stage is that your work life balance will significantly worsen for some time. Building a successful business can be very hard work and can be very time consuming. For many people the adage: “I love being self employed I get to choose which 20 hours I work each day” is worryingly true. Self employment may well give you more flexibility around when and how you work, and may reduce your commute time (depending on the nature of your business), but it is unlikely to be a quick fix for spending less time at work.

So, what do you think? Do you agree? Do you think we are wrong? What have we missed?

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  1. Rebecca Catterall Reply

    Better work/life balance.. I started laughing hysterically at that point. I work for myself and have fingers in a few pies. People often forget to consider the amount of time needed for admin, payroll, accounts, end of year stuff, marketing, researching, finding new suppliers/customers/markets, networking… I work from home selling bits and bats via fb, do business improvement consultancy work, run a free peer to peer business support network, run workshops and seminars on both making your own cosmetic and beauty items and social media/public speaking/managing volunteers etc and home educate my teenager.. That’s pretty much every hour of my life accounted for.. I’ve started dreaming of business ideas etc nowadays..

  2. Ciara Reply

    It is not tough to start a blog. Folks who would like to blog can
    start one in seconds.

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