Behaviours for High Performing teams – 5

There are lots of ideas about what makes a high performing team this blog series covers some aspects of high performing teams which are less commonly discussed.


Agree what you will accept.


We all know we need to modify our approach to respond to individual differences. High performing teams also have effective conversations about what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and are nuanced in responding to the difference. So, for example, someone may have better memories that others. You may wish to adapt your response to that person in order to ensure that your provide information in writing, and you ensure that you provide as much notice as possible for things – this is a sensible way to get the best out of them. However, remembering to complete critical tasks on time remains their responsibility, so it shouldn’t become your job to take on responsibility for “being their memory”, when a more accountable solution would be for them to write things down, or use their calendar more effectively.



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