Behaviours for High Performing teams – 7


There are lots of ideas about what makes a high performing team this blog series covers some aspects of high performing teams which are less commonly discussed.


Relearning is hard.

We’ve all heard that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. It isn’t true. However, relearning is much harder than we think. If you suddenly want a dog (old or otherwise) to learn not to sit when you tell it to, you need to teach the dog a new behaviour (say, giving you a high five) to match with the stimulus (you saying “sit”), and you will probably have to offer a pretty attractive reward. Even with this approach, sometimes the dog may still sit when you give that command. This is a fundamental of learning. If you want to change  your own behaviour it is useful to acknowledge how much intentional effort is required. If you’ve previously received loads of psychological reward for keeping the company safe by knowing everything that is happening, you suddenly deciding that you are going to take a step back and let the team get on with it, may not be enough. High performing teams recognise that behaviour change requires intentional change over a sustained period, and may require you to increase the attractiveness of the reward.


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