Big it up: growth strategy for small business

Isla recently wrote the below article for The Guardian:

Big it up: growth strategy for small business

Getting your startup off the kitchen table and into the wider world requires a plan. Keep it simple and test it.

Scaling up from a cafe-dwelling enterprise, run from your laptop, to an office with more than one chair is a big and exciting step. But like all giant leaps, it requires forethought.

It is crucial to focus on how – and why – you are going to do it. In other words, you need a growth strategy. You will require tenacity and courage in large volumes too, but a plan is essential.

“As is often the case, simple is better,” says Isla Wilson, founder of business growth consultancy Ruby Star Associates. “I’d rarely recommend a lengthy or wordy strategy document. It might even be as simple as something you can scribble on a whiteboard.”

What is important, says Wilson, is that it’s clear. “Growth comes from a better understanding of capacity, so it helps to be clear where the growth is going to come from.”

Read the article in full here:

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