Blog Series: Things Entrepreneur’s Forget (but shouldn’t) – 2


One of the best bits of our work is getting to meet hundreds of entrepreneurs each year. As you’d expect they are inspiring, energising and unique individuals. But… not that unique. It turns out that there are a few commonalities which we see crop up, so we thought we’d capture a few of the recurrent themes. We’re sure you never forget these things, ever… but just in case:

2. What’s in your head?

Dearest Entrepreneur. Your head is a magically place, full of ideas, moving cogs, plans and surprises. It is such a powerful machine that sometimes even you can’t turn it off. All day long you live with the constant stream of “next big things”, vision and future; sometimes your ideas are so loud it’s weird that other people can’t hear them clanging about in there. But, they can’t. When you are talking to people, especially people who are part of delivering your vision, please remember that they don’t know everything in your head. Explain things properly, from the beginning. Allow people to ask questions and challenge your thinking. Watch their responses and take responsibility for clear, focussed communication, rather than getting frustrated that people “don’t get it”.


Does this sound like you? Could it be you? If this were true for you what would it make sense to change, test or ask? You can read the rest of this series here:


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