Blog Series: Things Entrepreneur’s Forget (but shouldn’t) – 3


One of the best bits of our work is getting to meet hundreds of entrepreneurs each year. As you’d expect they are inspiring, energising and unique individuals. But… not that unique. It turns out that there are a few commonalities which we see crop up, so we thought we’d capture a few of the recurrent themes. We’re sure you never forget these things, ever… but just in case:

3. Not how, what.

When you start a business it makes sense to be obsessive about every little detail. You will spend time and effort getting everything “Just right”. As you business grows and more people are involved it will feel natural to be just as obsessive, but this can be a mistake. The sooner you learn to articulate what you want people to achieve rather than telling them how to do things, the soon you will build an effective, accountable team. Yes, it is scary and you will have less control, but do it right and you’ll not only have an amazing team, but you’ll also find you have more time to plot the next step for your burgeoning empire.


Does this sound like you? Could it be you? If this were true for you what would it make sense to change, test or ask? You can read the rest of this series here:


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