Blog Series: Things Entrepreneur’s Forget (but shouldn’t) – 4


One of the best bits of our work is getting to meet hundreds of entrepreneurs each year. As you’d expect they are inspiring, energising and unique individuals. But… not that unique. It turns out that there are a few commonalities which we see crop up, so we thought we’d capture a few of the recurrent themes. We’re sure you never forget these things, ever… but just in case:

4. Stop waving that flag (and look out for other’s waving theirs)

A surprising number of people tell you their biggest business weakness within a few seconds of meeting them – often by explaining that they definitely aren’t that thing. Take note next time someone introduces themselves by explaining that they “Are a real team player”, “have no ego”, or that they “are very self-aware”. Sure, sometimes they will be spot on, but sometimes they’ll be telling you that as a defensive response, because that is who they wish they are, or because they’ve received explicit or implicit feedback that suggests they aren’t. When people say stuff like this, you probably take it with a pinch of salt, and, like most of us, make your own mind up based on how they behave. Other people will do the same, so if you find yourself repeatedly describing yourself in a particular way, check why you feel the need to, and decide whether it is better to say it, or prove it.


Does this sound like you? Could it be you? If this were true for you what would it make sense to change, test or ask? You can read the rest of this series here:

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