Blog Series: Things Entrepreneur’s Forget (but shouldn’t) – 6


One of the best bits of our work is getting to meet hundreds of entrepreneurs each year. As you’d expect they are inspiring, energising and unique individuals. But… not that unique. It turns out that there are a few commonalities which we see crop up, so we thought we’d capture a few of the recurrent themes. We’re sure you never forget these things, ever… but just in case:

6: Your opinion doesn’t matter.

OK… this one is a bit click bait-y. Of course your opinion matters. We care deeply about your opinions. You are just using them wrong. In lots of decisions you need to make it is useful to remember that opinions don’t weigh the same as evidence. That is to say, that if most of the world’s scientists believe that climate change is a result of human actions, you are free to hold an opposite opinion and free to express it, but it doesn’t hold the same value as the science. This is also true in business. Use your opinion about what you should do to form a hypothesis, and then design an experiment to test whether your opinion stacks up. You can read more about experiments in business in this blog series here:


Does this sound like you? Could it be you? If this were true for you what would it make sense to change, test or ask? You can read the rest of this series here :


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