Why charities and social enterprises should be inspired by private firms, instead of attacking them…


Ruby Star Associate – Adrian Ashton explains…

As someone who works a lot with charities and social enterprises, I’m struck by how many define themselves in comparison with privately owned businesses – presenting themselves as being somehow ‘better’, as they’re not solely seeking to make financial profits.

But as someone who also works with some of those privately-owned businesses, I’m also struck by how many are actually doing a better job in being more transparent, creating impact, and living the values that those charities and social enterprises espouse, but seem to struggle to actually do…

Don’t believe me? Check out – McdonaldsPuma, and City-based pension fund managers to name but three.

And the latest in this list is the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. It’s recently openly published the findings of a regular evaluation of its Board, publicly considering not only how capable its Directors are in discharging their respective roles as such, but also how effective they are as a group of different businesses working together.

How many charities or other social sector bodies do you know of who are so transparent in how competent their Board are?

Maybe it’s time we encourage charities and social enterprises to stop bashing private firms, and try and start learning from them instead?








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