Confusing Kindness for Cowardice



When we meet entrepreneurs, especially those who have teams, it is striking how much they talk about whether they are kind, or not. Most of them seem to have a view, and their view is either that they are too harsh, or too kind.


They are rarely correct in their assessment. In fact, at both of these extremes they have often mistaken cowardice for either kindness or cruelty.


Here are some examples:


  • “Supporting” people so much that they don’t develop, or progress – cowardice


  • Not placing poor performers into performance management – cowardice


  • Not having difficult conversations in case you hurt someone’s feelings – cowardice


  • Firing people for poor performance if you haven’t been providing feedback and guidance – cowardice


  • Continuing to employ people who don’t “pull their weight” rather than develop or get rid of them – cowardice


  • Ignoring issues until you get so pissed off you explode at everyone – cowardice



Can you think of other examples?


We know some of this might sound harsh, but sometimes we need to reframe what we are doing in order to change our behaviours.


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