What is an Ooomph Tank?

First there were think tanks, then think & do tanks. We are an Ooomph Tank. We define ourselves by our ability to support organisations to do more, do better, grow, survive and thrive.


What is an Accidental Business?

To us an accidental business person is anyone who is in business working for themselves but doesn’t think of themselves as a traditional business person. On a good day they feel like a successful maverick, but on a bad day they worry that other business know something they don’t & feel like a fraud. Our accidental business people are: comedians, therapists, artists, sculptors, graphic designers, actors, writers, social entrepreneurs, musicians, yoga teachers, geeks, stylists…..but there is always room for more.


How much do you charge?

Our services start from £75 per month for our On-going Ooomph Service. We offer training courses from £99 per participant per day. Our day rate for consultancy is £650 per day, with discounts for charities and smaller organisations, and for volume of work.


Can we book you to speak at our event?

Yes, probably, we love speaking. If you are looking for a speaker for your event, drop us a line at tellmemore@rubystarassociates.co.uk/dev, and tell us about it. We usually charge to speak at events, but do some speaking under our pro-bono commitment: this will depend on the type of event, which of us you want to book, and how much other pro-bono stuff we’ve already agreed to!


Do you do pro-bono work?

Yes, lots! We aim for about 20% of our work as pro-bono – this includes short one-off pieces and some longer term support arrangements. As you can imagine these get booked up quite far in advance. We don’t operate on a first come, first served basis though – as the variety of things we supportis important to us, so if you think you might fit the bill, please get in touch!


You do WHAT with Lego?

We use a wide range of facilitation techniques including the LEGO (R) Serious Play (TM) materials and methodology. Honestly, it’s a real thing. See: http://www.seriousplay.com/