Experiments… Blog 6 – Getting to Know you

People who’ve worked with us recently may well know how fond we are of experiments. We work with lots of our clients to support them to design small experiments which they can carry out within their business to see what difference they make.

As you’ll probably remember from school, an experiment should have a hypothesis and you need to be able to observe or measure the results.

In this series of blogs we’ve suggested some little experiments which you might like to try. Or, why not design your own?


Getting to Know you

Lots of us use online tools and applications to make life easier. Technology moves pretty fast and often that software you use every day has features and functionality that you aren’t using.

Hypothesis: Understanding the tools you use may allow you to find new ways to be more productive.

Method: Set aside an hour, make yourself a cuppa and get to know one of the tools you use regularly – whether it’s your accounting software, or hootsuite. You can do this by playing around and seeing what all those buttons do, or there are great free tutorials online (look for one which is recent, uses the same version of the tool as you and is well rated).

Measures: Productivity, reduced duplication, increase automation.


If you give it a go, let us know what happens!


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