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People who’ve worked with us recently may well know how fond we are of experiments. We work with lots of our clients to support them to design small experiments which they can carry out within their business to see what difference they make.

As you’ll probably remember from school, an experiment should have a hypothesis and you need to be able to observe or measure the results.

In this series of blogs we’ve suggested some little experiments which you might like to try. Or, why not design your own?


Get Appy

There really is an app for almost everything, from automatically monitoring your mileage to scanning the business cards you receive and adding them to your address book and LinkedIn. Apps can be a great way to save time and improve processes, but it takes time to research and find the right one and get used to it.

Preparation: Have a think about the things you do which are using time but could be automated. If you’ve already done the timesheeting experiment (link) this should be easier.

Hypothesis: A great app can save time and effort.

Method: Choose the app you want to try (a great start is to think of what you want to do, say scanning business cards and google: “Best free business card scanning app” and read a few of the articles that come up. Install your chosen app and take some time to experiment with it.

Measures: Productivity, time save.


If you give it a go, let us know what happens!


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