Eyes on the Horizon

One of our associates was researching Power Walking technique this week (don’t ask- we really do find ourselves involved in all sorts!). Apparently, one of the common mistakes is to look at your feet, and not far enough ahead.

Can anyone feel an analogy coming on? We know how smart you are so we’ll let you join the dots yourself.

It’s so easy, especially in a small organisation to find yourself stuck in a cycle of keeping your head down delivering the work you’ve won, and only raising your eyes to the horizon when you’ve finished, and you are wondering where the next project is coming from. This cycle inevitably leads to the feast and famine effect which so often plagues organisations. It doesn’t have to be this way. Honestly. Simple systems and processes can make a massive difference to smoothing out your work flow and more importantly, can free you up to build stronger, more profitable relationships with your clients.

Even without the tools in place, make sure you start each week with a clear idea of what you are doing to support the growth and health of your organisation.

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