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Those of you who’ve worked with us or attended an event with us will likely have heard us banging on about experiments. It is something which under pins a huge amount of our work, this blog series will look at the what, why and how getting experimental can work with your business.



Before we get stuck into this blog series let’s go back to basics. You know what an experiment is, the word doesn’t have any magical new meaning when you apply it to an organisation, so think back to high school science. You’ll need a hypothesis (a statement of what you want to test), a method (a thing you are going to do) and you’ll also need to be able to collect some objective data to see if your experiment has proven your hypothesis or not. That’s basically it. So a typical experiment in your organisation might look like this:

Hypothesis: I would produce reports more efficiently if I was able to work on them in a more focussed way with fewer interruptions.

Method: Rather than trying to fit reporting in between other tasks in my working week I will do all the week’s reporting on Thursday afternoon out of the office.

Data: Average Number of mins spent per report. Average Number of errors per report detected by proof reader.

You could then run your experiment for 4 weeks, and compare the pre-experiment data to the data from the experiment to see what you’d discovered. Based on the outcomes of the experiment you might decide to cease, continue or modify your experiment.


OK science-nerds, go experiment and let us know how you get on… And check the blog in a couple of weeks for the next in this series!


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