Get Experimental: Why – Involving your team


Those of you who’ve worked with us or attended an event with us will likely have heard us banging on about experiments. It is something which under pins a huge amount of our work, this blog series will look at the what, why and how getting experimental can work with your business.


Why – Involving your team.

Experiments can be a useful way to get your team involved in business improvement. People often have ideas for big or small things which could be done better. Allowing them to design and implement controlled experiments can unearth valuable new ways of working. It puts an onus on teams to look at changes objectively and with a view on what the business needs to improve. It also prevents the same suggestions being raised repeatedly – an experiment can show whether the suggested change is a keeper, or whether you all need to move on to looking for new hypotheses to test.


OK science-nerds, go experiment and let us know how you get on. You can read the rest of this series <here>


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