Get Experimental: Why – Managing Change


Those of you who’ve worked with us or attended an event with us will likely have heard us banging on about experiments. It is something which under pins a huge amount of our work, this blog series will look at the what, why and how getting experimental can work with your business.


Why – Managing Change

People HATE change. Yes, even you. Yes, even the people who say they love it. Okay, even if you love it your team, customers or partners might not. When people are told there is going to be a change they may experience increased anxiety. In general, people respond very differently to an experiment – which they understand is temporary. This can be helpful, people have a clear understanding of how long the new system will be in place for, and are often reassured to know that any longer term change will only take place after the experiment has been discussed and assessed. If your team have experience (in your organisation, or previously) of lots of changes, many of which sink without a trace only to be replaced next month with the next latest thing, experiments can be a useful way to re-engage with them, and to start the process of building a learning organisation.


OK science-nerds, go experiment and let us know how you get on. You can read the rest of this series <here>


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