Get Experimental: Why – Scientific Process


Those of you who’ve worked with us or attended an event with us will likely have heard us banging on about experiments. It is something which under pins a huge amount of our work, this blog series will look at the what, why and how getting experimental can work with your business.


Why – Scientific Process

Despite how much coverage we read about large, dramatic disruptions, small, iterative change is both more common and more likely to succeed. Using the scientific method in your business allows you to continuously develop, fine tuning your business as you go. Providing the experiments are well designed and the data is objective, you’ll make steady improvements and significantly decrease the risk of confirmation bias or closed loop thinking damaging your business. Designing experiments is also a great way to identify the data you should be collecting and analysing to improve your organisation.


OK science-nerds, go experiment and let us know how you get on. You can read the rest of this series <here>.


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