Harnessing the Crowd!

Well, we’ve all been hearing that the future is in The Cloud, but for those of us who are in the business of raising finance for innovative community initiatives, the future may well be in The Crowd.

Crowd Funding harnesses the power of social media to create online communities of stakeholders to make things happen. It’s a powerful tool for charities or social enterprises who are looking to fund specific iniatives, and create strong communities of supporters. Individuals can donate small sums, and be part of making something bigger happen.

Its not a tool which is limited to charities and social enterprises, you could even use it to fund a new start-up, or a specific project. In fact, it would be a great tool to fund and develop a partnership project, designed to benefit a collective of organisations.

Its not just about money either- people can click to be cheerleaders for your project, showing their support and spreading the word without spending a penny.

So… ladies and gentlemen… time to dust off your pom poms, and see here for an example of Crowd Funding in action, for one of our fabulous, and innovative clients, Changing Lives in Cheshire:  http://bit.ly/mLS7Lz

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