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Our clients tell us that we specialise in Ooomph (TM)!

We help businesses, social enterprises and charities of all shapes and sizes grow, build accountable teams, generate more income, and innovate. We help leaders free up their time, surround themselves with brilliance and focus on the stuff that really matters. We are all about enterprise, entrepreneurship and making a massive difference.

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So much of what we are told about how to run our business, how to lead a team and how to develop strategy just isn’t based on any evidence at all. Worse, much of it has been proven not to work. We start from the academic research so that we can talk about the things which are most likely to work for a business like yours, in your sector at your stage of growth. Our passion for research doesn’t stop with content, we use research to inform how we deliver sessions – that is why we don’t use PowerPoint or slides and we don’t believe that interaction starts and ends with post-it notes. We develop highly engaging, highly effective, game based learning experiences which have been proven to deliver big results.

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We offer training, advice, support, and even some “doing”. You can find out more about Our Services here.

We also help organisations to change their relationship with the external world though innovation and through a better articulation of the social value they deliver.

Our team have supported thousands of businesses across all sectors, from tiny back-bedroom start-ups to global brands. The breadth of our experience makes us superb at pattern recognition; we can help you to identify and benefit from trends in your organisation and in the market around you.

We love to help organisations flourish.

  • Sound exciting? Of course it is!
  • Sound expensive? It’s not.
  • Want to know more? We don’t blame you; we always knew you were very, very clever.