Is it a Monster?

What’s this coming over the hill? Is it a Monster?

 Well, that what depend on your political views! But, there is no denying that from today major changes are afoot with the launch of The Work Programme. This is the latest shake up in Welfare to Work programmes… and it’s a biggy.

In simple terms people who have been unemployed for 6 months can now access the Work Programme- a programme of support, training and work placements designed to help them return to work. The organisations providing the support (Public, private and charitable sector) are incentivised on their ability to support people into sustained employment (in fact they only get significant payments if they suceed in doing so). Particpants in the programme may lose access to their benefits if they do not participate fully or appropriately. It’s a big change in approach, and there will be a steep learning curve all round as providers compete for job placements, and look at new ways to tackle barriers to sustained employment.

If you are a social enterprise, providing work placements or job brokerage- now is the time to look to get involved if you aren’t already. Give RubyStar a call to see how we can help.

If you are a private sector employer, you should consider how you can work with the work programme to source your next employees- in some cases there may be additional financial support available.

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