Non-exec roles – Key Board Level Skills

We work with lots of entrepreneurs to help them to understand and secure Non-exec roles. We also support organisations to find the right Non-exec for them, and many of our team work in Non-exec roles. This series of blogs covers the How, What and Why of securing a Non-exec role.

If you’ve decided to start looking for an opportunity to serve on a board it can be daunting to know where to start. Here are some suggestions on things to do/consider:


There are a number of things which you are very likely to be responsible for as a board member; whether you are working out if you have the skills you need, wondering what to work on, or putting together a CV here are some of the key skills board members need:


Board members are typically responsible for developing and leading on strategy and should have little or no involvement in Operational (day to day) management.

Risk Management

Board are responsible for identifying, understanding and managing the main risks which an organisation faces. You may also be responsible for assurance (checking that the systems and processes in place adequately manage organisational risks.

Health and Safety

Boards almost always have overall responsibility for ensuring that the organisational policy and processes for health and safety are appropriate and adequate.

Equality and diversity

Boards are typically responsible for ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion across the organisation.

Financial Management

As a board member you’ll be reviewing financial documents, setting budgets and leading on financial strategy. You’ll need to be (or get) comfortable with reading and analysing financial documents.

Regulation, Legislation and Policy

Depending on where you are a board member you will be responsible with adherence with a range of external laws and guidelines, it’s wise to know which ones apply to the role you are looking at and what your legal responsibilities are.


Next time… Why you shouldn’t take it personally if you don’t get that board-job!


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