Non- exec roles – Understand your responsibilities and find a role

We work with lots of entrepreneurs to help them to understand and secure Non-exec roles. We also support organisations to find the right Non-exec for them, and many of our team work in Non-exec roles. This series of blogs covers the How, What and Why of securing a Non-exec role.

 If you’ve decided to start looking for an opportunity to serve on a board it can be daunting to know where to start. Here are some suggestions on things to do/consider:

Being a board member or trustee is a responsible position and shouldn’t be entered lightly. Make sure you understand the precise liability and responsibility you are taking on. If it’s relevant, you may wish to check that the organisation carries appropriate Director’s insurance.

If you are looking to work with a local voluntary or community group as a non-executive or trustee you can often find out about opportunities from your local Community and Voluntary Sector umbrella organisation, or equivalent. You can usually find these by googling “CVS [my area]”.

Board member and trustee roles can also be found through job sites, including Indeed and The Guardian jobs. You may need to set up several search terms to catch them all: NED, Non-exec, Non-executive, board member, independent member, trustee.

Other roles can be found in relevant sector trade press, for example The Health Services Journal for NHS roles or Inside Housing for the registered housing sector.

The Cabinet Office also produces a regular mail-out of public appointment vacancies.

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