Non-exec roles – What kind of organisation?

We work with lots of entrepreneurs to help them to understand and secure Non-exec roles. We also support organisations to find the right Non-exec for them, and many of our team work in Non-exec roles. This series of blogs covers the How, What and Why of securing a Non-exec role.

 If you’ve decided to start looking for an opportunity to serve on a board it can be daunting to know where to start. Here are some suggestions on things to do/consider:

Regardless of whether a role is remunerated or not it is important to find out a little bit about the organisation before applying. Some of the questions you may wish to research:

  • Do I care about this organisation and/or the people they exist for?
  • Are my values aligned with this organisation?
  • When do board meetings typically take place and what is the time commitment? (Some companies will allow employees unpaid time off to participate in voluntary work; other companies offer flexitime which may make it possible to accommodate a role, or you may have time available.) Do you need to be part of a board which meets in the evening? Are Mondays always a tricky day for you to free-up? All of this may affect where you want to apply.
  • Are there any challenges I need to be aware of before taking on this role? Have a look at the history of the organisation, look through their annual report and accounts, research their feedback on twitter and read any regulatory reports which relate to them (for example the Ofsted report if you are applying to be a school governor). You don’t want to be surprised by anything too big when you are in post.


Next time… ‘Understand your responsibilities and find a role’


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