Client:Changing Lives in Cheshire
Date:January 22, 2015

Changing Lives in Cheshire

Changing Lives in Cheshire Is a charity and social enterprise based in Winsford, Cheshire. They are a furniture reuse organisation who collect large items otherwise destined for landfill, restore them and sell them to people in need.


Last year they

  • Employed 22 people, 86% of who were from the unemployment register.
  • Delivered 3,995 development and training hours
  • Provided 20,000 volunteer and placement hours, with teams of around 50 volunteers working with them at a time.
  • Recycled 140 tonnes of furniture (over 8,000 items) and 40 tonnes of electrical goods (which were tested & repaired).
  • Collected 86 tonnes of commercial waste
  • Supported 2,000 families by providing high quality affordable furniture (70% of these families were in receipt of benefits and therefore purchased furniture at a 33% discount).


Ruby Star Associates worked with Changing Lives in Cheshire to provide a range of strategic consultancy and training services. As part of this role, we undertook a project to create a strategic online and social media approach (the organization had a website and some social media accounts, but weren’t using them). Working with the team, we created a strategy, supported the functional design of a new website and an online store. We also delivered training throughout the organisation on use of the new systems, social media and email marketing.


Following the introduction of the new website we provided advice on email marketing systems both to increase donations, increase sales and secure gift aid contributions. Again, we developed a strategy, supported its implementation and trained the team in its use.


Since the implementation of the new system:

  • On line sales have increased.
  • Referrals via twitter have increased.
  • Donation levels are up
  • Gift aid reclamation has increased.


Gary Cliff of Changing Lives in Cheshire said: “They’ve been working with us for only a short time but already I am amazed at their ability to get to the nub of our issues, provide detailed documentation (not just good advice but real everyday work!) and get their feet under our table. [RubyStar Associates] has already represented us at a top level client meeting and are included in management meetings to help us move things forward. You would be mad not to hire them. Just make sure they still have time to work with us.”