Date:May 05, 2015


KHES is a locally based, employment service, covering everything from the basics through to the complexities of employment law. They’ve developed a strong reputation for their straight-forward pragmatic approach which allows their clients to free up time to focus on the strategic direction of their business.

Kieron Hill Employment Services (KHES) has delivered sustained and steady growth since it was founded in 2010. In recent months the business has developed a new product which it has successfully piloted with a GP practice. This innovative new product aligns the job roles and HR processes of the GP practice with Clinical Commissioning Group funding streams, allowing the practice to improve the way it accesses funding to deliver core services; as such the product is likely to be of interest to other GP practices.

KHES have been offered an opportunity to profile this new approach to other practice which neighbour their existing client. In advance of expanding into this new market there is a requirement to explore how this new product would be sold and marketed, and how this will integrate with the existing structure of KHES.

KHES undertook training in:

  • Business Model Innovation and key Sales Messages for the New Product
  • Developing a Marketing strategy for the launch of the new service
  • Leading through Influence: developing the story and influence of the new product to attract new customers.

KHES seized the chance to take time out from the day to day running of a growing business to focus on new markets and growth. They already had a great understanding of this new market and had piloted the programme, so we worked with them to create a launch strategy for the project, including marketing and promotion. We also supported Kieron to develop an approach to leading through influence- positioning him as an expert in his field in order to attract the right future opportunities for the business.

This was an exciting project. The business have demonstrated steady and sustained growth to date, but this new product offered the opportunity for increased, rapid growth in a specified sector. The EDP Programme allowed us to work intensively with KHES over a short period to accelerate the development and launch of this product, without negatively impacting on the day to day running of the business. We’ve been really impressed by how quickly KHES are gaining new clients in this new sector.

Founder, Kieron said: “Back in late 2014 I was just beginning to realise that I’d stumbled upon a niche service that was not only something I was emotionally committed to it could take my business to a completely new level.

As if by magic I was contacted by Ruby Star Associates, who have been the constant grain of sand in my shell that creates the pearl, since I first met them 4 years ago. “Could you use some help to expand your business with the proviso that you create some jobs?” she said. I must find out where she hides that microphone and webcam because the call was spookily well timed!

Anyway fast forward to January 2015 and Ruby Star are making sure that I follow through on my idea (sometimes I need to have a regular boot up the rear end). They have helped me model my business (using Lego!!!) devise a marketing plan and develop my skills at presenting my ideas to professional bodies.

From a one man band in October 2014, we are now three with a business development manager on their way. Originally my plan was to sell to 10 new clients in the first year (by December 2015, we have 5 already (by March 2015), and we haven’t even started advertising the service in earnest yet. So we’ve revised our target upwards, and we’re actively considering taking on another consultant to deliver the service.

There is no doubt in my mind that if Ruby Star hadn’t been around this idea may never have got off the ground, and even if it had we would be nowhere near delivering the new service. “