Praise Be

If you work with a team (whether they are employees or not) you should be well versed in how important and effective positive feedback can be. Too often the things which get our time and attention aren’t the behaviours which we actually want to encourage in our team.

Here are some new compliments which you could look for opportunities to use:

  • Great job – I’ve not heard from you this week – I felt really comfortable that you were getting on with your job, delivering outcomes, and leaving me free to get on with my job.
  • Thanks for escalating this to me, it is definitely something which needed my attention. I wonder if there is a way of putting in a system or an agreement so that next time, we both feel confident that it doesn’t require escalation.
  • I’m so impressed with how you handled that – let’s think about what other responsibilities you are ready for.
  • I love that you achieved such an amazing outcome for our clients, you did this in a completely different way from how I would do it and the results were brilliant, let’s have a chat about what we can learn from each other’s approaches.


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