Productivity Hacks

Feel like your day creeps away from you, and you don’t always get through the big stuff?

Here are some simple things to try – small changes which might make little improvements:

  • Devote a few minutes a week to unsubscribing from emails that you really don’t read. Be realistic. Do you really ever read them? Do they make you feel guilty and clutter up your inbox? Do they distract you? Get rid.
  • Think about what you can automate. You may be amazed what there is an app for. Think about any time consuming, repetive tasks, and work out if there is a tool which you could implement which might save you some time. From tracking mileage to scanning receipts – if you find the right system for you, you can save some meaningful time.
  • Get away from your email. Try, really try, to only check emails/texts/whatsapp twice a day. It can feel near impossible, but if you can achieve it, you may be amazed at how much more focus you can achieve.
  • 2 minute rule. If something comes to your attention that you can sort within 2 minutes. Do it.


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