Puppet AccidentalBiz

You may know that we’ve run the Accidental Business School for designers, dancers, comedians, therapists, geeks, sculptors and many more. But did you hear about the time we ran The Accidental Business School for Puppets?*

Want to hear what the Puppets had to say? Course you do…… **






* We didn’t, but we did have a quiet afternoon in the office and this is what we dreamed up. You are Welcome, anytime. Honestly, no trouble at all…. even though some of these puppets were total divas to work with.

** Puppets aren’t real, sorry. But, we did base the script on real testimonials we’ve received.

Love what you do but don’t want to have to dress up as a business person puppet to make a living from it? 

>Bite-size training, support and ooomph, without the pinstripes Find out more

The Accidental Business School