Self-care for Entrepreneurs


It is very easy to get frazzled, running a business is stressful, and 2020 has added plenty of new things to worry about. We can’t take your stress away, but here a a few simple changes which may make it easier as we head into 2021.

  • Have one meeting-free day a week. If you have a team, consider all sharing the same meeting-free day.
  • Go for a walk. Even if it is raining. Even a short period or movement and being outside each workday should make you feel better.
  • Use the well-being features on your phone – especially setting do no disturb periods, and switching it to greyscale in the evenings.
  • Build some learning into your week – find (and protect) some time each week to learn something – whether its by reading a business book, attending a webinar or learning a new skill.
  • Or… don’t. If these things don’t work for you, don’t add them to the list of things you beat yourself up over.


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