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One of the more surprising outcomes we’ve noticed from business leaders who work with us, is how many of them end up getting a dog. At Ruby Star we love our dogs, and all of us bar one already have at least one (we are working on him). Did you know that dogs are brilliant at strategy?

One of the most common challenges we work with people on, is how to truly step into a leadership role. For lots of people, as their business grows this means moving away from some of the more operational elements of the business (through delegation, automation or outsourcing) to make more time for strategy. However, even when people manage to free up some time, some still struggle to really focus on strategic thinking. In fact, too often our opportunities to think strategically are squeezed into our day – in the shower, on the commute, in the gaps of your day. You can’t pass strategy on – it remains your core responsibility and a hugely important part of your job – it deserves time and space. For lots of us, the worst place to try and think about strategy is wherever we usually do the rest of our job – at our desk, or in the office. We often recommend that people mark out a minimum of 2 hours per week (during working hours) for you to think big thoughts. This should be intentional reflection, and not necessarily something you write down, or type up. In fact you might find it better to do it whilst you are doing something else – like a walk, and then just capture any reflections briefly at the end.

And it turns out, the people who commit to this habit report several things: They gradually increase the amount of time they spend on strategic thinking, they see improvements in their business from the clarity they gain and, eventually, several of them get a dog, to help with the walking.


Getting a dog is big decision, not one to be taken lightly, committing to a 2 hour strategy session a week is a much smaller commitment – and one which we’d recommend you try if it isn’t already part of your routine.


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