The Busy-ness Trap

Followers of @RubyStarTweet may have spotted this link ( which we posted the other week. Well…. its kicked off a massive debate here at RubyStar Manor. Is Busy-ness such a bad thing after all?

Now none of us would advocate pretending to be busy, and it certainly is true that periods of quiet contemplation can be a valuable way of identifying new ideas and new directions for your organisation. However, in general at RubyStar we are big fans of busy-ness. In fact, if we had our way even the periods of quiet contemplation would have a teeny bit of structure to them. For us, the secret isn’t to slow down, but to improve your processes – work just as hard as ever, but doing the right things. We love to support organisations to flourish, and for us that often means lots of hard work, but focussed on activities which really grow, and develop your business. That’s why we believe its so important to do something that you really love – because we are huge advocates of achieving, doing and giving more, not less with your time. #bigbadRubyStar

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