Words which describe how to do Business Now: Phelgmatism

“Continuing our series on words which describe how to “Do Business Now”, we asked guest blogger, (and supplier of endless lego inspiration for our facebook page) Adrian Ashton to tell us about a word which sums up his approach to business”.


Phelgmatism (phleg•mat•ism)

I know – it sounds like you’re full of a stinky cold, oozing unmentionable fluids from nasal cavities, and generally in need of emergency Beecham’s powders*, but it was once used by the founder of one of the most successful PR consultancies in its day by means of praising my performance whilst in his employ.
With business today becoming more and more like the PR industry that I remember from all those years ago (ever-shortening deadlines, increasing expectations from clients, things going wrong at the worst possible time…) my contribution to this RubyStar series is that word of personal recognition I once received: ‘phlegmatism’. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Greek and Latin, but today it means to be calm, composed and self-possessed. In times of increasing stress, we need to try and remain calm and carry on – we need to find ways to be more ‘phlegmatic’ in how we approach our businesses. For me, that’s about perspective – I was once employed in the health service, literally holding peoples’ lives in my hands; the implications of being even 2 minutes late back then is nothing compared to what it would mean for me today…
*(other cold remedies are available…)

Adrian Ashton – www.adrianashton.co.uk
Adrian works in a freelance capacity throughout the UK supporting the start-up and growth of enterprise across all sectors.
Recently awarded an honorary Fellowship of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in recognition of his efforts to raise the standard of enterprise support, he has attracted international interest with regard to his work on social enterprise, social impact reporting, co-operative enterprise, and supporting entrepreneurs who are experiencing a disability or who are homeless. He has supported a wide range of clients across many industries as well as management teams within national and regional programmes, working alongside the likes of the new economics foundation, the Plunkett Foundation, The Co-operative Group, various Universities, and the Department of Health.
He publishes an annual ‘social impact’ report on the outcomes generated by his own business practices, is married to a ‘designer/maker’ with 2 young boys and an elderly cat, and doesn’t spend as much time on his bicycle as he’d like…











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