You are terrible value for money


Hey you. Yes, you. Are you the main shareholder of your business? Are you also a Director business? Are you TERRIBLE value for money? I bet you are.

As a Director of a business, you are required to deliver shareholder value. If you are also the shareholder of the business that can get a bit forgotten.

Imagine for a second that you didn’t own those shares. Picture an imposing board room full of stern, be-suited shareholders. Now imagine they’ve summoned you, the Director of their business (and possibly the most expensive person in the business) in to account for your performance. Now think about the things you’ve done with your time this week… that spreadsheet you fiddled with, the admin you battled with, the time spent trying to sort out that train journey/hotel/meeting. Picture their thunderous faces. Imagine how much shareholder value you could have delivered if you delegated, outsourced or automated.

What things are you doing each week that you wouldn’t want your imaginary shareholders to hear about?


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